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Tarporley High School
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Literacy at Home

Literacy at Home


We recognise that there will be parents within our school community who want to support their child’s learning even more effectively at home. 

The most effective way to ensure student achievement across all subject disciplines is to develop solid, life-long literacy skills, including:

✔  Reading for pleasure
✔  Reading proficiency and fluency
✔  Writing proficiency and accuracy
✔  Vocabulary knowledge

These weekly bulletins aim to give you short, effective and easily-applicable pieces of advice that can fit into your family routine at home.

Tip #10

TIP #9

Click here to see a list of some of the tier 2 words

TIP #8

tip #7

TIP #6

Tip #5

For more reading recommendations to support your child’s mental health and wellbeing visit:

TIP #4

TIP #3

TIP #2

Tip #1

Want to know more? Listen to Stephen Fry explaining how this strategy can double the chances of your child becoming a good reader: