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Tarporley High School
& Sixth Form College

Design & Technology


Design and Technology creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peters


A challenging programme of study that raises aspirations for developing practical skills, understanding design and its place in the contemporary world.

It is a dynamic and enjoyable curriculum where teachers employ their specialist knowledge to encourages an imaginative approach to all aspects of Technology which stimulates resonant learning.

A skills-based curriculum, designed to encourage a desire in students to make quality outcomes and to be inquisitive about the technological aspects of their environment.  A curriculum which provides pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve a solid realisation of their own ideas

What you can expect studying Technology at Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College

In Technology, you will study a curriculum that consist of Food and Nutrition, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Electronics and Control Technology.

In all of these areas you will study the core design process and also experience the tools, machines, materials and specialist techniques that you will need to be successful in each of the areas.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum – what to expect

During Year 7 and 8 you will visit all of the main Technology areas during the year on a carousel system.  You will visit different classrooms and workshops and be taught by different specialist teachers.  You will design and manufacture a range of items in wood, metal, plastics and textiles.  You will also make things from components and ingredients.

In Year 9 you will spend the first term on the carousel system.  You will then choose one of the technology subjects to specialise in and study this until the end of Year 9 until you decide on your GCSE options.

How we assess at KS3

Students are continuously assessed by their teacher.  In Year 7 & 8 they are also given a short examination at the end of each project.  This is to test their retention of specialist knowledge and their ability to design for a target market.  At the end of the year they are given a longer more formal examination which tests them on all the areas studied.  In Year 9 they are continuously assessed in the first term and have a single end of year test.

This enables us to evidence their progress in the theoretical aspects of Technology and prepares them for formal examinations in KS4. Practical work is continuously assessed during its production.

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Curriculum

At KS4 we offer four options.  For students who wish to study food we offer Eduquas Food Preparation and Nutrition.  This is a rigorous and fast paced course which focusses on making food products and understanding how to eat healthily.  We also teach the new AQA Technology GCSE.  You can choose to specialise in Resistant Materials, Electronic Components or Textiles.  This allows students who wish to study Technology at GCSE a choice of their favourite materials to work in.  As well as studying a common core of the design process and broad technological concepts, students can make a variety of objects in their chosen materials.

How we assess at KS4

During Year 10 students develop their skills and knowledge and make a complex project.  In year 10 pupils are continuously assessed and have a mock examination at the end of the year.

In Year 11 students are assessed through an examination and a coursework project.  Each element is worth 50% 0f the final mark. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Tarporley Technology students are offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities.

At KS3 they include Year 7 and 8 catch up clubs for all Technology subjects.  KS3 and KS4 Makers Clubs encourages pupils to work on their own projects in the workshops.  Junior Master Chef competition is also a popular activity as is Young Bakers and Christmas cake club.  Pupils can also enter a range of competitions which typically include The Toyota Challenge and Young Designer. 

For KS4 and KS5 students, Young Engineer and the Engineering Education Scheme are offered to students who would like to take up engineering as a career.   Technology is also the hub for Tarporley’s very successful karting Club.