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History is an invaluable discipline. Through their study of History students develop an awareness of the important changes in the past that have shaped the world today.

Key Stage 3

History in KS3 follows the guidance from the National Curriculum. Students follow historical events in chronological order. In addition they study key themes in History such as Power, Conflict and Ordinary Life. By studying history in a thematic way students should be able to identify links between historical events and consider change over time.
Students are assessed in the form of HATs which are short pieces of work which should reflect work they have completed in lessons. The assessment tasks focus on developing key historical skills such as interpretation or causation.

In lessons students learn about History in a variety of ways such as role play, decision-making and model making. There are many opportunities for students to work independently and as part of a group. In addition students can support and deepen their understanding of History with a selection of short video clips ranging from historical documentaries, Horrible Histories series and films.

Key Stage 4

History is a popular and successful subject in Key Stage 4. The GCSE History course is one set by the WJEC examination board. The students study the following course:

Depth studies

  • Germany, 1929-47
  • USA, nation of contrasts: 1910-1929

Development Study

  • USA: 1929-2000

Controlled Assessment

  • Impact of World War One – Women & Haig
  • Impact of World War Two – Dunkirk & Evacuation

This course offers students different experiences of history from studying a period of development to a depth study.

Key Stage 5

A-level History has become an increasingly popular subject and this reflects the improvements made at GCSE in terms of student success and engagement. Students continuing to study History at A-level clearly value the subject and are motivated to do well.
At A-level students study the following subjects for Edexcel:

Year 12 A World Divided: Communism and Democracy

  • Russia in Revolution, 1881-1924
  • Stalin’s Russia, 1924-53
  • Parliamentary Reform, 1815-1880

Year 13 The Cold War

  • Ireland and the Union, 1815-1922 or Arab-Israeli Conflict

Students enjoy studying History at A-level. There are Edexcel textbooks for all topics studied. Students are encouraged to work independently and to read widely around the subjects that they are studying. In lessons students should be given the opportunity to discuss the subjects they are studying through question and answer or debates. There are many opportunities for students to do group work, decision making activities and games. Students value a range of teaching strategies and have frequently said that they feel actively involved with the subject.