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Tarporley High School
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                           The Governing Body Vision

Driving a culture of excellence and achievement, to deliver outstanding outcomes for the whole school community

Challenging and Inspiring Governance

If you wish to contact any Governor, please send your message via e-mail to

Pamela Zborowski, the Clerk of the Governing Body -  pzborowski@tarporleyhigh.co.uk

Link to Governor Documents (Click Here)

Pamela Zborowski
Clerk to the Governing Body
Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College
Eaton Road, Tarporley. CW6 0BL
Tel: 01829 732558

Mr John Waddington

Mr Nigel Taylor, Chair of the Governing Body also,

Chair of the Strategic Development Committee and Chair of the Staffing Committee 

Mr Michael Lomas, Vice Chair of the Governing Body also , Chair of the Resources Committee, member of the Strategic Development Committee and member of the Student Committee

Jason Lowe, Headteacher, Member of the Strategic Development and Resources Committees


The Governing Body consists of Community Governors, Parent Governors, Teacher and Support Staff Governors.
The Full Governing Body meet once a term and there are also five different Committees who also meet once a term:

  1. Strategic Development Committe
  2. Resources Committee
  3. Staffing Committee
  4. Teaching and Learning Committee
  5. Student Committee
Parent Governors:   Name of committee they attend 

Three Parent Governor Vacancies


Parent Governor Election due to take place                               

Mrs Alison Dodwell-Cooke


Teaching and Learning Committee

Miss Rachel Sims


Staffing Committee

Mrs Bethany Spray


Staffing Committee

Mrs Sharon Varey


Teaching and Learning Committee

COMMUNITY Governors: Name of committee they attend 

Mrs Trudy Boyle

Staffing Committee, Student Committee and Governor responsible for Special Educational Needs

Mr Andrew Davies

Student Committee

Mrs Dawn Joyce

Chair of Student Committee and member of Strategic Development Committee, Safeguaringd and Child Protection Committee and Staffing Committee

Mr Michael Lomas

(Vice Chair of Governors)

Chair of Resources Committee, member of Strategic Development Committee and Student Committe

Mrs Jane Stephens

Resources Committee

Mr Nigel Taylor

(Chair of Governors)

Chair of the Governing Body, Chair of Staffing Committee and Chair of the Strategic Development Committee

Dr Harry Ziman

Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee and member of Strategic Development Committee


Mr James Bowland

Teaching Staff

Teaching and Learning Committee                                                                                                         

Miss Jane Hough

Support Staff

Resources Committee


Mr Jason Lowe


Strategic Development Committee and Resources Committee


Mr Mike Hutchinson

(Teaching Staff)

Resources Committee


 Annual Report & Financial Statements

Documents relating to The Academy’s financial performance are available for download below:

Value for Money Statement 2012-13 PDF

Financial Statement 2012-13 PDFAGM Minutes 19 Dec 2013 PDF


Financial Statement 2017-18 PDF

Financial Statement 2016-17 PDF

FInancial Statement 2015-16 PDF

FInancial Statement 2014-15 PDF


Value for Money Statement 2013-14 PDF

Pecuniary Interest Register 2015-2016 PDF

Governors Attendance at Meetings 2016-2017


Pecuniary Interests Updated November 2017












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