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 Letter from Midshire Catering Service

to Pupils & Parents 04/09/2018


Dear Pupils and Parents,

Thank you to the pupils for their patience this lunch time during service. 
A new food offer, coupled with new catering team, a new cashless system and new pupils to the school was always going to create a few teething problems and whilst the food offer proved extremely popular, the queues at the till points did cause delays, which we can only apologise for. 
The feedback we received across all outlets and from those pupils I was able to speak to was extremely positive, and we will build upon those successes and address the shortfalls over the forthcoming weeks. 
Regrettably the deli counter till was not linking to the main server today hence the delay as pupil’s names had to be manually looked up as opposed to the biometric or pin system. 
Having debriefed our team following lunch we would like to highlight some service points which will make the service more efficient moving forward. 
There are now 4 service points with a defined food offer: 
• The outdoor pod – serves a selection of street style food offers with drinks and snacks 
• The Snack Shack – Pizza, Pasta and Paninis with drinks
• The Deli Counter (Main Dining Room) – Sandwiches, Baguettes, Boxed Salads, ‘Help Yourself Salad Bar’, Cakes and Bakes and Cold Drinks 
• The Main Counter – serving the main core menu offer as shown in the weekly menus 
Meal Deals (Main dish, dessert and selected drinks) – are provided at all service points and we will detail the meal deal offer with greater clarity as to what is included re the dessert and drink offer to avoid confusion. 
Slush and Milk Shakes, proved extremely popular, and given the bottleneck this created we will move this service point to the deli counter area. 
Cashless System – for those pupils using the Biometric system, please place your thumb on the scanner until your name appears on the display, then remove, then request your drinks and / or desserts from the server. This will speed up the transaction process. 
Cashier Points – If you are wanting to purchase on a meal deal offer, and need to pick up a drink, please follow the steps above and make it clear to the cashier you would like the meal deal offer. This will speed up the transaction process further. 
Cashier – Pin Numbers. Please try to memorise your PIN number. It was noticeable many pupils had slips of paper on their trays which were either visible to other pupils or had to be unravelled at the till to process the payment. This did slow the process, and could allow someone else to access your account.  
Paul Hardy, is your new Catering Manager, leading the catering operation at the school. Paul was previously Catering Manager/Head Chef at The Kings School, Chester, and prior to that Head Chef at the Alvanley Arms, Cotebrook, and has a great passion for fresh innovative food, which the pupils will have had a first impression of with todays street food dish of Lebanese Chicken, Salad and flatbread. Paul is looking forward to meeting with the pupils over the following weeks and months to gauge feedback and tailor our food offer to meet the needs of the school. 
Anthony Liddy, our Area/Operations Manager for the school will be monitoring the service over the coming weeks, and will be supporting Paul and the team to ensure the service is as seamless as possible. 
If you have any questions or comments on the food service, please do not hesitate to bring these to our attention, either by speaking to Paul or one of the team in person, or via email ths@midshirecatering.co.uk. 
Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in service experienced today, thank you for your patience and understanding. 
We look forward to working in partnership with yourselves and developing a food service everyone can be proud of. 
Andrew Pemberton 
Sales Director 
Midshire Services 
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