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Sixth Form Life

The role of the Tutor

The tutor stays with the group for the two years and builds strong relationships with their tutees. Inter-tutor fun events such as sporting or charity activities are counterbalanced with more serious pastoral advice and monitoring. The tutor helps students with their UCAS applications, personal statements and also writes university references. These are then expertly overseen by the Director of Sixth Form and the Pastoral Manager. We receive many compliments on the quality of our personal statements and references, and this is due to the excellent knowledge of students which is built up over time at our Sixth Form.

Enrichment Activities

Every student is encouraged to sign up for activities which are held in and outside of school to build up keys skills and to bolster university applications. These activities range from helping Key Stage 3 and 4 classes; being reading buddies for lower years; assisting to run sports clubs to volunteering at our local village hospital, primary schools and care homes. There is something for everybody and students are heartily encouraged to get involved.

Charity Week

This week involves students planning and organising a week of activities which raise money for desirable causes – chosen by students themselves. Two main events which have become iconic and major fundraisers, are the ‘personal valet' auctions and the fancy dress days. Whether Sixth Form students are offering their services (for a fee) to lower school students or wandering around school dressed as super heroes or pantomime horses (!) these events always raise a smile and lots of money!

Sixth Form Council

The Sixth Form College Council is led by a Chairperson who has formally applied for the role; the group make decisions, offer proposals, give suggestions to improve the Sixth Form community and also liaise with staff. This builds excellent negotiation and communication skills – most impressive on UCAS applications.

Head Students

Two Head Students and two deputies are chosen after a formal application process. Members of the Senior Leadership Team peruse the applications and make shortlists. This shortlist is then viewed by the Sixth Form Team who have the final say. Our Head Students are fantastic ambassadors to the school and make crucial contributions to our Sixth form College.

2015 Committee

Our (always) excellent Head Student applicants who are not lucky enough to get a position, make up this committee – a prestigious group who meet and have a real impact in the Sixth Form. Many initiatives and ideas have become realities and a ‘student voice’ is something we prize highly.

Leavers Assembly

This marks the end of the students’ Sixth Form journey and takes place before A-level exams and study leave begins. Mr Nuttall and Mrs Everton host and say their farewells and each tutor gives a light-hearted but heartfelt goodbye. Students leave with a ‘survival pack’ for university and it is always a fun but emotional event!

Sixth Form Prom

The Prom is a perfect end to the two year journey. Planned and organised by the Prom Committee and Mrs Everton, the beautiful venue is Peckforton Castle and students and staff have a wonderful evening. With awards, gifts, a meal and a beautifully decorated room, the Prom gives all students a marvellous memory and the chance to say a final farewell …. until results day!

Results Day

Hopefully results day ends with tears of joy and secured university places. More students than ever are receiving unconditional offers but for many this is a stressful day. The Sixth Form team are always busy celebrating results but also working tirelessly to assist those few students who need to go through the clearing system. We are proud to say that most students receive their first choice university and we feel confident that Tarporley Sixth Form College prepares them for independent life, academic study and bright futures.

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