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Tarporley High School
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Pupil Premium


Pupil premium is additional funding provided by the Government to enhance the education of key groups. It is paid to schools for each student who:

  • Is recorded as being eligible for Free School Meals in the last 6 years (Ever6 FSM)
  • Is looked after (CLA)
  • Is a Service Child; has a parent serving in the armed forces (SC).


At Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College we are committed to supporting all our students to achieve their personal best and to overcome barriers to learning. For students from groups who are vulnerable to underachievement, we endeavour, where possible, to ensure they meet or exceed their expected progress and attainment and achieve at least as well as their peers. This is so we maximise the life choices that these students have as they move on to the next stage in their development either in the workplace, at college, or within a Sixth Form environment.

Tarporley High School Pupil Premium Results 2019

Disadvantaged pupils are those who were eligible for free school meals at any time during the last 6 years and children looked after (in the care of the local authority for a day or more or who have been adopted from care).

You can compare the Tarporley High School students' results with performance of no-disadvantaged students at state-funded schools at local authority and national level.

2019 Results

School Disadvantaged Students

Local Authority (non-disadvantaged pupils)

England (non-disadvantaged pupils)

Number of pupils




P8 score




A8 score




P8 score English




P8 score maths




P8 score EBacc




P8 score open




English & maths at grade 5+




English & maths at grade 4+




EBacc at grade 5/C+




EBacc at grade 4/C+




Entering EBacc




Closing THE Gap AND Diminishing Differences

At Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College, we have a whole school commitment to diminishing differences in achievement between students for whom the school is in receipt of Pupil Premium and their peers. This whole school plan is now in its seventh year and outcomes clearly indicate that the gap is closed although we continue to work hard to maintain excellent outcomes.

Pupil Premium students are those who were eligible for free school meals at any time during the last 6 years and children looked after (in the care of the local authority for a day or more or who have been adopted from care).

Progress 8 by pupil group 2018

Group Cohort Progress 8 adjusted score Progress 8 unadjusted score English element
School National School National School National
Disadvantaged  13 -0.27 -0.44 -0.27 -0.45 -0.26 -0.44
Ever 6 FSM  12 -0.24 -0.43 -0.24 -0.44 -0.17 -0.43
Group Maths element English Baccalaureate element Open element
School National School National School National
Disadvantaged  -0.60 -0.39 -0.25 -0.49 -0.08 -0.46
Ever 6 FSM  -0.44 -0.39 -0.16 -0.48 -0.21 -0.44

Whole School Priority

In pursuit of our aim to diminish differences and close the gap, in 2010, governors set as a whole school priority “Narrowing the Gap”, specifically the gap in educational attainment that has been identified nationally and locally between this group of children and young people and their peers.

The Pupil Premium provides an additional resource to support this priority. We are required to publish a statement of how the Pupil Premium is spent, which follows:

Pupil Premium Statement

In 2016-17, the Pupil Premium was spent in creative and practical ways to support entitled students in school and to provide them with opportunities that may not always have been available to them. At Tarporley, this funding is specifically targeted at the Pupil Premium group of students.  As appropriate, funding was used to provide:

  • Teaching Assistant led small group work
  • 1:1 Teaching Assistant support
  • Targeted literacy and numeracy support.

In addition: Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College uses Pupil Premium Funding to provide the following levels of support. This schedule is reviewed annually to ensure the funding is spent effectively and therefore this provision may change.

Nature of Trip/Events

Remission Provision

Curriculum Trips (i.e. day/evening trips, such as Theatre Trips/Museum Visits/Geography Day Field Trips etc.)

Whole cost funded

Residential Trips (including overseas visits)

Partial funding – 50% of the cost of the trip or £150 which is the lesser

Year 9 Conway

Whole cost funded

D of E (Y7-11)

Whole cost funded

University Trips (Oxford etc)

Whole cost funded

Enrichment Programme

Partial funding – 50% of the cost of the programme or £150 which is the lesser

Y11 Prom

Whole cost funded

Reward Trips

Whole cost capped at £30

Equipment and Learning Resources

Curriculum Texts – (Does not include core textbooks which are provided by Faculty Capitation to all students). This funding covers supplementary texts that the school advises parents of students to purchase.

Whole cost funded

Materials for practicals which would normally be purchased by parents of students i.e. Food Technology Ingredients, Art Sketchbooks, etc

Whole cost funded

Equipment to support learning which the school advises parents to purchase, i.e. calculators and other maths equipment etc

Whole cost funded

This support is monitored and led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, to ensure that targeted support leads to the improved academic progress of students within this cohort.