“Students in the Sixth Form, have the opportunity to engage with employers. Pupils spoke very positively about the high-quality careers guidance that they receive. They get the timely information that they need to make appropriate decisions about their next steps.”




UCAS is an organisation that facilitates students when applying for University. The whole process starts in the beginning of Year 12, which may sound extremely premature however we promise you will be extremely grateful once year 13 begins (and trust us, it comes around very quickly!)

In September UCAS opens and university applications can be submitted. Students applying to Oxbridge and Cambridge, or Medicine, Dentistry orVeterinary Science (we have a brilliant legacy of success in these fields every year) have to apply by 6pm 16th October. The final UCAS deadline is 6pm 31st January.

Every line of your personal statement should be packed with valuable work experience and opportunities you have undertaken in order to prove yourself worthy to your chosen universities. We would definitely advise being ‘ahead of the game’ by completing a large chunk of this in year 12 before the workload starts to pile up. Even if you’re unsure of your career pathway we would recommend participating in all available extra curriculars and putting your name forward to become a member of the Student Leadership Team, there are many roles that you can apply for. We guarantee this will look amazing on your personal statement and impress universities.

As Sixth Form students, many of us have got involved with the college magazine, TERM. One of us was offered a place at Leeds University before October, and we are convinced this is because of her many roles within the Sixth Form community (including being the Editor of TERM). There are so many other roles to get involved with including the Social Secretary Team which two of us are heavily involved in. This role entails coordinating a variety of social events and encouraging a healthy work-life balance within the Sixth Form community. Obviously, these roles are all tailored to our interests, however there are many different opportunities available that will benefit your specific course. Year 12 students have started a Feminist Society this year, and Mr Brownley has started Debate Club and Philosophy Club, which have been very popular. These are enjoyable and also UCAS Gold!

Over the course of the year the whole process will be explained in more detail. There are trips to university, guest speakers from university admissions teams who offer advice, lots of personal statement guidance and exemplars. Mrs McMillan and Mrs Helsby offer so much personalised advice and guidance, with so much experience, so the whole process feels less daunting! We also hear from former students who share practical tips and advice – it is always so useful to hear from the year above. Tutors write your references and it is great that someone who knows you so well can summarise your character and strengths. Every part of the process is checked and double checked before you click ‘send.’


After many drafts of your personal statement, you will finally be ready to submit it and get your name written on the UCAS ‘Board of Dreams’ to a round of applause in the study room! The relief you will feel after it has been submitted makes the whole process worth it. When you begin to receive your university offers that’s when you know it becomes real!

We completely understand that this appears to be a lengthy process however the guidance and support received from the Sixth Form staff is incredible and makes it all worth it.


More information on UCAS can be found in the documents below. Please do spend time to read through this information. If you have any questions, please do contact a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team.



Map of Universities by Region PDF

Search Open Days PDF

Three Steps to Applying to Uni PDF

UCAS Personal Statement Timeline PDF

Personal Statement Dos and Don'ts PDF


Parent UCAS Information

UCAS Parents Evening Presentation PDF

Online Courses and Enrichment 2024 Entry PDF

UCAS Parent Guide PDF

Cambridge - Super Curricular Suggestions Reading Lists PDF