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Tarporley High School
& Sixth Form College


We are proud of the Tarporley High School uniform. It represents the high personal standards that we hold as a school community. It is important for all students to have the right clothing and to wear it correctly. On behalf of the Governing Body and the staff, I thank you for your support in this.

Tarporley High School is proud of its image and reputation.  Wearing your uniform with pride shows the commitment you have to the school and to giving your personal best.

Your appearance must always be smart, and only school uniform clothing can be worn. THS Uniform is available from the school shop.

In addition to the standard uniform, there are a few things to remember in terms of appearance:

  • We accept that some students may wish to wear make-up, but this should be natural looking (no coloured lipstick or heavy eye make-up allowed)
  • We do not accept unnatural colours of hair dye or coloured nail varnish, gel nails or false nails
  • Jewellery is restricted to a plain stud or sleeper earring in the traditional place in each ear, and one plain finger ring; an inexpensive watch is also allowed  
  • Trousers are to be worn at the waist

If you or your parents/carers are in any doubt about an item of clothing intended for school please contact the school to speak with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


The school has the following uniform requirements for students

in years 7 to 11.

  • Blazer - navy blue with a school badge 
  • Tie – school tie
  • Shirt - light blue school uniform style short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt
  • Jumper/Cardigan - plain navy blue v-neck jumper or a plain navy blue standard school wear style cardigan underneath the blazer as an optional extra layer. These can only be worn under the blazer, not instead of the blazer.
  • Trousers - grey, standard school wear only. No jean-style trousers, jeggings, leggings or bootlegs and no attached wide belts
  • Skirt - grey checked,  standard length, no shorter than 4 inches/10cm above the knee 
  • Socks – white or grey ankle socks with skirts, black or grey ankle socks with trousers; plain design. No knee socks
  • Tights - grey only
  • Shoes - plain black, flat or low heeled suitable for school wear. No boots, trainers, patent leather, canvas shoes, sandals, or large decorative buckles, bows etc
  • Top coat - as appropriate for school wear, plain with a front fastening, dark-coloured, without large logos
  • Scarf - optional - plain design, navy blue, black or grey
  • Hair accessories - such as hair bands, slides or clips - plain styles, dark colours
  • Jewellery - one plain finger ring, plain small earrings in the lobe of the ear, no other piercings, no bracelets or necklaces. One charity band allowed.

Available at the Uniformity Clothing Limited

Uniformity Clothing Limited,

22-26 Handbridge, 





Uniformity Clothing Limited (from 7 February 2020)

PE Kit, aprons and school tights are available from Uniformity Clothing Limited,  either via their on-line shop or call in at Uniformity Clothing Limited, 22-26 Handbridge, Chester, CH4 7JE.

Uniformity Clothing offer a delivery service for items which are ordered on-line.  Parents can choose to either have items sent directly to their home address, or be delivered to the school.  If you choose to use the school delivery service it will operate from 24 February 2020 and every Friday thereafter.


Trutex are able to supply grey trousers throughout the year for girls and boys in styles that are appropriate for school. Their website is