Careers Guidance for Parents

An increasingly competitive job market, high youth unemployment, and rising fees for higher education all impact on a young person’s plans, making it even more important for them to make the right choices for their education, training and employment.

As they make choices and plans for the future, young people need support from the people who know them best, their families. There are many ways that parents can offer support with choices. Here are a few ideas for parents:

  • Talk to your child about careers they are interested in. Find out what they know already and encourage them to find out more.
  • Encourage your child to find out about what courses, jobs and training opportunities are available locally using the sources available to them.
  • Visit the Start platform with your child and discuss their interests, skills and qualities. Encourage them to engage with local labour market information and recognise important employability skills.
  • Find out what choices your child has to make in Year 9.
  • Make the most of open day opportunities. Your child may be considering post 16 study at a different institution to their current school and it is important to explore all of the options.
  • Encourage your child to investigate alternative pathways such as Apprenticeships and traineeships so they are fully informed of all options available.
  • Get involved with plans for post-18 study. If your child is intending to enter higher education they need to plan ahead carefully. They need to think about:
    • what subject/s they want to study? 
    • which institutions offer relevant courses
    • whether the program of study suits their needs?
    • will their GCSE grades and expected results from A levels (or equivalent) meet the course’s entry requirements?
    • whether there is a work placement as part of the course
    • whether they want to study close to home or move further afield
    • whether the campus offers other facilities which are important to them e.g. sports facilities

It is important to support your child to reach their own decisions about their future. Providing support and encouragement is immensely important and the more you know about the information, advice and guidance that is available and where it can be accessed the better.


Below are useful guides and websites with reference to options, futures and pathways

Careermag for Parents PDF

Parent Guide - Helping Your Child Know What's Next PDF

Parent Guide - Homelife & Study 2020 PDF

Parent Pack 2023 PDF


Information Website Links

Start Profile
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National Careers Service
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Access to interactive live sessions and on demand videos from employers providing insight into different industries:

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University Information
For those thinking further ahead or considering subject combinations, find information on university courses:

Useful information on how to write a CV, complete an application form, and how to pass psychometric tests and interviews

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