Advice For External Students

“Students in the Sixth Form have highly positive attitudes towards their learning. They are independent and conscientious. They are excellent role models for younger pupils.”






As an external student, joining the College from abroad, accessing the College website was really important to me and I was able to learn a lot about the Sixth Form. The website was useful because while I was looking at Sixth Form College’s there were specific subjects that I wanted to study for A levels. Tarporley’s website gave me an insight into the different subjects available. I also found it useful to read the section written by the students as it showed what subjects they chose. This was really interesting and it helped me to make my decision.

There were a few things that I wasn’t sure about for example the dress code in Sixth Form and also whether there was Wi-Fi available to students. Now I am in the Sixth form, I know the answers to these questions. The dress code is casual, but smart. There is a real relaxed feel to the study centre and students are encouraged to express themselves. It feels like a really warm community. I didn’t know, until my fourth week in College, that Wi-Fi is available to students. This was really useful and whilst there are plenty of computers for students to access in the study centre, you can also bring in your own laptop and connect to the College system. We also wear an ID badge that allows us access to school buildings and allows us to enter and leave the site during our free periods.

What I really love about Tarporley High school is that everyone is very welcoming. The teachers are very helpful especially since I came from a different Country. Prior to my arrival, the teachers emailed me and introduced themselves so when I attended on my first day, I was already familiar with them. Also, because of COVID-19, I had to self-isolate for 2 weeks since I came from abroad, so unfortunately, I missed the first two weeks of term. However, I was able to learn from home and everything that was done in class was emailed to me so I could keep up to date with my school work and not fall behind. This was really great.

I am very pleased with my transition into Tarporley and I would urge any student coming from another school or even a different country like me, to read through the website and ask questions. The staff are really helpful and I am very much happy here at Tarporley Sixth Form.

Saskia (English, Business Studies, Psychology)



As an external student, I thought I would feel quite distant from everyone because most people would’ve settled in and formed friendships and bonds with their teachers over the course of five years, but I had nothing to worry about. Both students and teachers have made me feel so welcome and I’ve settled in so quickly that I feel like I have been here since the start of year 7. I’ve received so much support, especially from Mrs Helsby, (Pastoral Manager), Mr Brownley (Form tutor/ Deputy Director of Sixth Form), Mrs McMillan (Director of Sixth Form) and all the staff whom all have been so lovely in welcoming me into Tarporley Sixth Form.

For any external applicants considering Tarporley Sixth Form as their chosen place to study my advice would be to read the website. This for me gave me a real insight into college life and highlighted to me how students come together as a sixth form and create a sense of unity. The website gives a snapshot of what sixth form life is all about and I enjoyed reading about how you can become involved in activities such as charity work. I recommend the section on enrichment activities too, this is fantastic and is worth a read, especially sharing details of the College trips that take place.

The College has its own twitter page too @Tarporley6th, this is a valuable source of information and I would also encourage anyone interested in studying here at Tarporley, or even general Post 16 Education to follow us. The twitter feed details lots of articles and courses available to students. I wasn’t aware of Future Learn courses until I joined the Sixth Form here, but now I do and I wish that I had found some of these resources earlier! Take a look and don’t forget to follow us @Tarporley6th.

Freya (Art, Biology, Psychology)



After being at The Queen’s School Chester since the age of 5, Tarporley Sixth Form really enabled me too easily transition into a new environment. Meeting new friends and my new teachers on a Year 12 induction day made me feel welcome as if I had been here for years! Being part of Tarporley Sixth Form has made me feel reassured when talking to teachers when I am unsure in and out of lessons. The whole of Sixth Form feels like one big family and this boosts how well you learn as I feel comfortable when asking others for help. All in all, I feel that the community here at Tarporley makes a huge impact on your learning and overall development in Sixth Form.

Mabel (English Media, Psychology)



Tarporley Sixth Form made my transition very easy and enjoyable, the induction day made it very easy to get to know new people and all the teachers. All the teachers here are so inclusive and encourage everyone to get involved in as much as possible outside of lessons making it easier to make friends outside of lessons. Before joining sixth form I had never really been one of the "new girls" meaning it was a little bit daunting, however after being at Tarporley for a few days and after the induction I felt as though I had known everyone for weeks. Overall my transition into Tarporley Sixth Form has been very enjoyable and I have made lots of new friends making my college environment a nice place to study.

Emily (Psychology, English, Biology)



I felt it was quite easy for me moving to Tarporley as most of my friends were already there. In fact, I think it was harder transitioning from high school to sixth form rather than moving schools as I immediately felt welcomed by people I’d never met and almost like I’d been here for years. Teachers massively helped me settle in by helping with work load and easing me into new subjects that some students had been doing since year 10, and the atmosphere in the study sessions really makes you motivated to do work. Overall, moving to Tarporley was definitely the right decision and I feel that I could really do well here.

Bekka Rigby (English, Media Studies, Psychology)