Sixth Form Life


“Students in the Sixth Form have highly positive attitudes towards their learning. They are independent and conscientious. They are excellent role models for younger pupils.”




Isaac Brickland & Emily Pawlett


Dear Prospective Students, Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Tarporley Sixth Form! Throughout your Sixth Form experience you will develop your interpersonal skills and independence, both of which are essential qualities when making important decisions towards your future career, post A-Levels. We believe one of the many assets of choosing to study at Tarporley Sixth Form is the exceptional pastoral support available throughout the two years, especially in early Year 13 when you are preparing to send off your UCAS applications. The teachers will assist you in unlocking your full potential whether this be for further study at university, starting an apprenticeship or entering the world of work. We can assure you that the Sixth Form staff will give you all the support you could ask for. The Sixth Form has a wonderful way of balancing this support and guidance with the distinctive independence and bond of trust between staff and students. Influenced by the tireless efforts of the teachers, it is the aspiration for all students to excel academically and achieve to the best of their ability. Therefore, we hope you will choose Tarporley to support, challenge and guide you through your next two years of your education.



Whilst retaining strong links with the lower school, in the Sixth Form we have our own tight knit community within the warm and vibrant social environment. This will no doubt allow a smooth transition in your Post-16 educational journey and will excite you when it comes to considering your future prospects. What will be instantly recognisable if you choose to study at our Sixth Form is that there is a sense of pride and unity at the heart of everything we do; from the Inter-Act Day tutor group battles, whether it be a pub quiz or a game of basketball, it is inevitable that there will be a constant buzz around the common room. Sixth Form presents a plethora of opportunities to develop and expand your interests outside of the curriculum, including, the EPQ, Gold DofE award and writing, editing or photographing for our award-winning TERM magazine. For these reasons, Tarporley is a perfect environment to flourish academically as an industrious, diligent and conscientious student, whilst simultaneously creating some of your funniest and happiest memories.




A-Level study brings about many challenges and will require hard-work, consistency and dedication. However, this is made far easier and more manageable by the fantastic Sixth Form Team who will guide you through the stressful periods. The teachers’ understanding of the pressures of Sixth Form and any responsibilities you have outside of school is second to none. We can confidently say that they are seasoned experts in the UCAS process and will work tirelessly with you drafting, redrafting and re-redrafting your personal statement.



All of the elements of Sixth Form we have touched upon, contribute to the vibrant social scene and wonderful community it creates. But above all, it is the students here, and what they will go on to become that truly shape our Sixth Form to be the incredible place it is. We hope that you make the decision to join us, and be part of it all!

Best wishes,

Isaac & Emily