The Art Department


At Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College we pride ourselves in creating an art curriculum that not only inspires creativity and foster a love of independence but one which also broadens horizons and exposes pupils to a vast range of cultural, historical and environmental ideas with a view to highlighting the central role art can play in discussing these ideas. Beyond the classroom we are passionate about providing many opportunities for students to extend their skills and follow their passion in the world of Art.

Our yearly art residentials to the Conway centre see our GCSE cohort and most able Year 9 artists work alongside other talented pupils from across the county with artists from across the county. Pupils are challenged to explore a yearly theme; from Renaissance artist, Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s fresco ‘The Allegory of Good and Bad Government’ to the notion of layers and urban decay. Pupils produce a broad range of outcomes from drawing and painting to sculpture and printmaking.


A crowning achievement in our schools’ calendar is the annual A Level residential to Tuscany, Italy. Every year our most avid artists have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Young Artists in Tuscany tour which sees pupils prepare a portfolio of work and present this to a panel of artists and teachers. Every year our pupils successfully navigate this experience and subsequently spend an inspirational week exploring the Renaissance period, producing ambitious work and drawing from the Tuscan landscape.

Many pupils who attend the tour which has run since 1984 have used the opportunity as a spring board to gain places at Ruskin, Oxford and the Royal Academy, London.

Of the experience many of our pupils express, ‘It was an amazing experience, one that will stay with me forever. We have learnt such a lot in a week about the legacy of the Renaissance and had the opportunity to produce an exciting sketchbook full of work.’

It is always overwhelming to observe the talent demonstrated by our students. To see our pupils rise to the challenge and produce such brave and assured work is a privilege.


In addition to our residential programme, we think it’s important for pupils to get out and explore our natural environment and local culture. Our drawing days in Delamere Forest provide a fantastic opportunity for students to take in the calm beauty of Cheshire and respond to the sights and sounds around them. Our sixth form artists regular act as mentors and guide the younger pupils on their approach to drawing and even if it pours down our pupils return with some stunning interpretations of the landscape.

Beyond the forest; gallery and museum visits provide a deeply enriching experience whereby pupils are exposed to artefacts from many cultures and scientific specimens from art history. Again, a focus on drawing allows pupils to record their observations and then use these as a basis for creative developments in school.


Towards the end of the academic school year we are always hugely proud and excited to showcase the outstanding work that develops in lessons through our annual art exhibition. Presentation of work across the key stages in all forms from sketchbooks to large scale portraits and abstract paintings creates a real sense of achievement amongst our students and a wealth of inspiration for our younger upcoming artists.