The History Department

The History Department at Tarporley is committed to providing students the chance to engage with the rich history which is all around them. This happens in both the classroom and in the opportunities we provide that go beyond school.


We run a yearly trip to Berlin for our GCSE and A-level cohorts. On this trip students get the chance to visit places which are a key part of their studies. Students are able to visit the Reichstag building and climb to the top of its incredible glass dome. They are also able to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall and gain an understanding of what life was like for those that lived behind it. We also visit the Berlin Olympic Stadium, home to Germany’s 1936 Olympic Games. In addition, we go slightly outside the city to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and visit the museum on the site.


We also want to give students in Key Stage Three the opportunity to experience the history that is all around them. In Year 7 we explore the local area and consider how Tarporley has changed over time. Also, in Year 7 we go to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool to further our understanding of the Transatlantic slave trade. This trip feeds into our classroom curriculum and allows students to understand this devastating period of history. In Year 9 we visit the Museum of Liverpool life. This trip gives students the chance to learn about the development of a major local city.


In addition to school trips, we encourage all students to engage with opportunities outside the classroom in their own time. At Key Stage Three, students are given a ‘Read, Watch. Listen, Go’ list with suggested ways in which they can engage with the subject outside the classroom. We want students to see history as something that is relevant to their daily lives and that they engage with as often as possible.