The Music Department

“There is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require”


At Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College, we have a music curriculum that is about learning in and through music as well as about music.  Music lessons inspire a sense of imagination, confidence and creativity, increasing students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of and about music.  Music seeks to build on students’ practical, experiential and discriminatory skills, which have contributed to their aural memory, as well as their personal and collective identity formation.  Music exercises key skills such as communication, resilience, adaptability, problem solving and teamwork as well as enabling our students to broaden their cultural horizons.


As an extension to the curriculum, students take part in workshops and instrumental/vocal masterclasses that enhance their skills and provide further opportunities to develop their musical cognitive knowledge, aural awareness and reach towards skilful musical outcomes that show a sensitive response to aesthetic elements of music, mood and style.


We are developing a range of music ensembles that rehearse throughout the week, which include two choirs, string ensemble, jazz ensemble, woodwind ensemble and are looking forward to beginning a guitar ensemble, ukulele club, ‘Rock School’ enrichment and a Music production group in September 2022.  Our expanding ‘events portfolio’ include the Autumn Concert, Open Evening and Awards Evening performance, Christmas Carol Service, School Production, Tarporley Young Musician of the Year, Piano Recital Evening, Primary Partnership Concert and Summer Gala Concert.  The music department is passionate about providing opportunities for students to showcase excellence and musicianship, highlighting the vital contribution that music makes to life at Tarporley High School.


With an aspirational vision now in place, our ambition is to grow our ensembles to participate in local events in our community and also compete in national competitions, providing unique opportunities for students to enhance their own musicality and to showcase the talented individuals we have at our school.


The Bronze and Silver Arts Award is offered at Tarporley High School & Sixth Form College, enabling students with a musical aptitude to complete independent projects that show their own creative passion for their art form.  The Arts award is an exciting, nationally recognised qualification, providing excellent opportunities to develop independence, confidence and leadership skills.


Our yearly trips and visits programme provide further experiences for the varied musical tastes of our students, including orchestral concerts, Musicals and a visit to the “British Music Experience” in Liverpool.  There is a renewed aim to make links with professional musicians in various fields to bring new ideas as we nurture musicianship among our students.


‘Music for Life’ support the music department by running ensembles and also providing high quality individual instrumental tuition.  We have an excellent team of passionate musicians who seek to enhance students’ technical abilities while also encouraging motivation, self-discipline and dedication to persevere.