“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas



‘A diverse and exciting curriculum that empowers individuality; develops young minds where creativity is at the heart of their being.  In fostering a stimulating environment where students feel safe they have the independence and self-confidence to experiment, make mistakes and problem solve.
We aspire for our artists to become confident, critically informed practitioners with a personal, creative viewpoint.  Through exposre to a wealth of artists and industry practicioners a sound knowledge of Art & Design within the creative worldwill therefore be achieved.’


What you can expect studying Art & Design at Tarporley High School and Sixth Form College


Key Stage 4 – GCSE Curriculum 

GCSE Art and Design provides the opportunity to develop an adventurous, creative and inquisitive approach to your learning.  Through studying both historical and contemporary art practice you will develop the skills to formulate and express your own understanding.  This will manifest itself in both written and practical art work.  The art work produced will be a range of personal responses which embrace a range of ideas devised from your inspiration and your imagination.  Due to the fast pace and nature of the subject your skills and knowledge will develop quickly and staff always endeavour to make your projects varied and exciting.

Through the support of your teacher you will develop a working knowledge of the materials, practices and different techniques that are used within the creative industries.

You will develop the skills to respond to set themes and briefs by investigating, analysing and experimenting using art, craft and design from vast and varied sources.  You will develop your imaginative powers and the skills to express your ideas, feelings and meanings.

The GCSE in Art & Design follows on from what you have been doing at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 - 9).  The emphasis in this GCSE is on the process of developing your own ideas and work.  Central to this is your sketchbook where you will record your artistic journey and in time with new GCSE specification there is a large emphasis on drawing.


How we assess at KS4

The GCSE in Art & Design contains two components – Component 1 is Coursework (60%) and Component 2 is the Externally Set Assignment (40%) – the timed assignment. (Exam Board EDUQAS)

In this course, you will cover the study of art, craft and design and acquire the ability to investigate, analyse and experiment.  You will also develop practical skills to express ideas and use visual language.  This course will therefore enable you to develop skills which will be essential to you whatever you go on to do afterwards.  The other skills you can develop during this course will be skills in communication, information technology, improving own learning and performance, working with others and problem solving.

Coursework starts from the beginning of Year 10 in your sketchbook and accounts for 60% of your grade.  It includes research, supporting studies and artwork showing the development of your ideas, leading to one or more outcomes – usually finished pieces of work.  Your teacher will lead you through a variety of tasks which will run through Year 10 and the first term of Year 11.

In Year 11 you will complete an Externally Set Assignment.  It is an opportunity to develop and present an artistic response to a theme set by the examining board – for example, it could be something like ‘Journeys’ or ‘Time’.  The externally set paper will also contain some suggestions for possible starting points to help you develop your response and to give you ideas regarding your research.  You will then have a preparation period in which to prepare for the timed assignment.  During this time, you should explore the theme in your sketchbook using a range of approaches from drawing and painting, to sculpture and photography.  At the end of this period, you will sit a 10 hour timed session, during which you will produce your final piece(s) of work.  Your preparatory and developmental work, along with your final piece, will then be submitted for assessment along with the timed piece(s).


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students at Tarporley have a range of extra-curricular activities open to them to feed their creative development.  From attending weekly after school enrichment clubs to attending the annual GCSE Art’s residential at the Conway centre and drawing in Delamere Forest at Key Stage 4.  Pupils will love the opportunity to broaden their experience of art and design. 

In Year 10 there is an exciting opportunity to take part in the Annual KS4 Art and Design Weekend at The Conway Centre where you will work alongside practising artists.  Other trips include a drawing day in Delamere Forest and a trip to the World Museum in Liverpool in Year 11.

Our creative industries are a real success story.  They are worth more than £36 billion a year; they generate £70,000 every minute for the UK economy; and they employ 1.5 million people in the UK.  According to industry figures, the creative industries account for around £1 in every £10 of the UK’s exports.  Opting to study GCSE Art and Design is the first stepping stone to work in this exciting and growing sector.

GCSE Art and Design combines well with History, Business Studies, Media Studies, English, Mathematics, Science and Expressive Arts.  Many students go onto an Art Foundation Courses leading to specialist degrees in a wide variety of Arts subjects including; Fine Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Illustration, Textiles, Film & Animation, Silversmithing, Ceramics, Millinery, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Advertising & Marketing, Photography and Architecture.