“Geography is important, because it opens our eyes; a landscape is no longer a static feature, but a complex battleground of physical and human interactions. Local is no longer local, but a collision point for the interaction of many 'locals' drawn from a global stage.”

Tony Cassidy



Every student is challenged and supported to achieve their best through understanding their place in the World


What you can expect studying Geography at Tarporley High and Sixth Form College

The Geography department deliver lessons to all Key Stages that investigate the rapidly changing World in which we live.  We examine the core principles of Geography through investigating different places around the World.  We aim to show students that every action has a consequence not only locally but also globally to.

The Geography department runs the school’s eco-group and has successfully introduced many new initiatives aimed at reducing waste.  We offer the opportunity for fieldwork in all 3 Key Stages with local visits in Key Stage 3, GCSE fieldwork in a Tourist Honeypot and residential fieldwork in Key Stage 5, we also offer a cultural trip to China every two years to students in Key Stage 4 and 5.


Key Stage 4 – GCSE Curriculum

At Key Stage 4 we follow the AQA syllabus which has a Physical, Human and Fieldwork paper.  The topics and skills covered at Key Stage 3 are developed further in our exciting Key Stage 4 Curriculum.  We are the most popular GCSE option because the students enjoy the wide range of topics covered, ranging from local studies to Global case-studies, which are delivered by Teachers who are passionate about the study of Geography.


How we assess at KS4

There are 3 exams that make up the final GCSE assessment and students are well prepared for not only the content but also the exam skills required to access the higher grade boundaries.